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History of Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County

History of Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County

Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County has been a chartered club of the California Democratic Party for 45 years. Growing out of the U.S. women’s movement of the 1960's, the founders of Democratic Women, who had been working hard in the political arena in Santa Barbara, sought to have a larger decision making role in their activities.

Party activist and philanthropist Betty Stephens called the first meeting, and remains a supporter to this day.

Throughout its history, Democratic Women has endorsed and supported candidates at all levels of government, conducting fundraisers to finance their support.The group has worked on voter registration and political campaigns in every election year up to the present. The group has also conducted training programs for candidates, as well as educational programs on topics of political interest. In addition, Democratic Women has provided educational opportunities to students and other youth to participate in Democratic activities and training programs. Working in conjunction with other Democratic and political groups, and the Democratic Party in Santa Barbara, Democratic Women has been an effective voice in Santa Barbara County. Membership is open to women and men alike who are registered Democrats.

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