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Santa Barbara City Council Endorsements & Get Out The Vote!


CATHY MURILLO: Incumbent City Councilwoman Cathy Murillo received Democratic Women's unanimous endorsement for the District 3 (Westside) seat in the November election. After interviewing Murillo, members of the Elections, Endorsement & Legislative Committee praised Murillo's active outreach to community organizations and groups throughout the city. Her sincere commitment to her responsibilities as a Councilmember, her strong stance on reproductive rights and her positive attitude toward campaigning were also praised. To help re-elect Cathy Murillo visit her website: www.cathymurillo.org.

ANDRIA MARTINEZ COHEN: District 1 (Eastside) City Council candidate Andria Martinez Cohen received Democratic Women's unanimous endorsement. As one of an array of candidates in a very competitive race, Martinez Cohen impressed our EEL committee members as the most promising choice. An enthusiastic and energetic Latina, she is a strong supporter of reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood and "a lifelong Democrat who seems sincere in her support of unions, working people, minorities, and women." A 10-year resident of Santa Barbara, she has a good knowledge of her district, and her background in community development should prove to be an asset. To help elect Andria Martinez Cohen visit her website: www.andriamartinezcohen.org.


The Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County Needs Volunteers!

Santa Barbara city is having city council elections this cycle, and they need your help to support our endorsed candidates, Andria Martinez Cohen and Cathy Murillo. Specifically, the party needs your help reaching out to voters. They are organizing walks and phonebanks. If you are interested in donating some time, please contact Alex: alexandriachoate@gmail.com

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